the case for ‘pre-loved’

I was just reading a Blog from a friend of mine and thought I would share her thoughts here. I found this post really interesting, really gave me something to think about. I hope it may change your mind too…….


Anyone who knows me knows I love a bargain. I break all rules of conversational etiquette when someone compliments me on something I’m wearing by responding with an enthusiastic declaration of how little it cost, and from where. Charity shops, second-hand sales, eBay – I love ‘pre-loved’.

But, over the last couple of years, I’ve been challenged to make this a central part of my shopping philosophy. Let me explain: I’m not talking about casually wandering into charity shops, buying the odd thing or two which, quite honestly, we don’t need anyway. I’m talking about changing our lifestyle so that we don’t buy new unless we absolutely need to.

Mister needs a bed – we search the community furniture store. We need a camera – we browse eBay. The kids need next season’s clothes – I scour charity shops and second-hand sales.

Unless we need to buy something new (e.g. for…

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